The third observatory in the state of Uttarakhand, Starscapes Mukteshwar opened in September 2022, at the site of the Astro Camp held in the summer of 2022. Mukteshwar is an 8-hour drive from Delhi. With its proximity to Nainital and Bhimtal (both of which are under two hours’ drive away), it makes for a great addition to your itinerary.

Located amidst sprawling organic kitchen gardens, and boasting of a stunning view of the mighty Himalayas, Starscapes Mukteshwar will be your go-to location to escape into nature!

What Can You Do Here?

  • Take a guided tour of the night sky
  • Observe the Moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies and nebulae through the telescope
  • Look at the sun, directly, without hurting your eyes!
  • Understand Physics experientially, by making rockets and cameras yourself
  • Take home memorabilia from our Store


Guided Tour Across the Night Sky

Take a journey through the night sky in this 45 minute show as we explore the moon, the planets and the stars. Learn about the night sky and the science, the history and the mythology that make it up. Learn how to identify different celestial objects and constellations in the night sky. And then, look at select celestial bodies in all their glory, as you gaze at them through our state-of-the-art premium telescope. All under the able guidance and instructions of our expert StarGuides.

     45 minutes per show
      Rs. 500 per ticket (Night Show), Rs.1000 per ticket (Early Morning Show)
      20 seats per show

A Photo With The Stars Behind You

What do you do when you’re with stars? Take a selfie, of course! Get a shot of yourself taken with your favorite constellation, curated by our StarGuide. All you have to do is pose for a minute. And as if by magic, you’ll have a stunning photo with the stars, which will be provided as a soft copy for you to share with your friends.

    5 minutes per click, 15 minutes of processing
      Rs. 1,000 per photo
      20 photos per hour

Food, beverages, and the Who’s Who of the Universe!

Celebrate an occasion of yours with the stars in full attendance! You will get your own private celestial show, along with a selfie / group shot with the Milky Way or the Starry Sky. Bring your food and beverages and make it a party! This will be a personalized 4-hour session at a location in the nearby forest. You will need to book 7 days in advance for this.

    4 hours (Start: Between 8 pm and 10pm)
      Rs. 10,000 per session
      40 guests per session


Observe The Sun Through Special Solar Filters

See the Sun in all its glory, without frying your eyes! Enjoy the marvelous beauty of the source of all our energy, through our telescope and state-of-the-art solar filters. You can also learn how to see the Sun with simple home aids like pinhole cameras, ball projectors or our solar goggles. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see sunspots, and maybe even the elusive solar flares!

    One hour per session
      Rs. 300 per ticket
      20 seats per session

Lift-off to the heavens!

Ever wondered what makes a rocket go up? Here is your chance to stop wondering and make one yourself! Create working models of rockets with stuff you find at home. Understand the science behind rockets and learn how to customize them to make the design your very own! You’ll be making two types of rockets – Stomp Rockets (launched with air) and Hydraulic Rockets (launched with water). You also get to take home a stomp rocket kit – the fun does not have to end here!

     1 hour per session
      Rs. 500 per head
      20 seats per session

Design, Innovate, Build!

Calling all budding creators out there! Join us in designing and assembling various engineering marvels such as the Jantar Mantar, satellites such as the Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan, space vehicles like the PSLV, and many others!

     30 minutes per activity
      Rs. 200 per head per activity
      20 seats per activity

Explore alien lands!

Navigate a rover on a terrain on Mars, and discover the planet remotely! And create craters on the surface of the moon and watch how they form. In this activity, you’ll learn about extraterrestrial worlds through experiential models built for this purpose.

     30 minutes per activity
      Rs. 200 per head per activity
      20 seats per activity