A Cosmic Celebration Like No Other

Unveil the universe in a whole new light with our legendary AstroParties. It’s not just stargazing; it’s an all-encompassing celestial fiesta that sparks your sense of wonder! Imagine live music setting the mood, a lineup of telescopes peering into planets, nebulae, the moon, and the Sun, all to take your breath away. You’ll dive into the secrets of constellations, master navigating the night sky, and explore the depths of the universe. Did we mention the mouthwatering food, dancing under the stars, and harmonious singing? And what’s a party without a bonfire, right? Discover the thrill of learning in the most enchanting way possible. Join us and make memories that’ll last a lifetime!



Light Painting






Light Painting

Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey like no other at our AstroParties. These events transcend the typical stargazing experience, evolving into all-encompassing celestial fiestas.  Sway all night to live music, roast marshmallows over a bonfire and come face-to-face with the solar system, nebulae and the Moon. Dive headfirst into the mysteries of constellations, master the art of navigating the night sky, and embark on an epic expedition through the boundless universe. 

For those who like a bit of excitement, try your luck in an Astronomy Tambola game that combines celestial knowledge with fun and prizes. Ever wanted to build your own telescope? Our BYOT (Build Your Own Telescope) and Magnetism session gives you the opportunity to create your optical masterpiece and understand the science of magnetism. Our Rocketry workshop allows you to build and launch rockets, where you can experience the power and thrill of reaching for the stars. In our Sun Show and Spectroscopy sessions, explore the brilliance of our life-giving star through state-of-the-art solar filters, unlocking the secrets of its magnificent spectrum. At our Rocketry and Space Vehicle DIY workshops, you’ll learn to design and launch rockets that soar towards the stars. In our sessions on “The Ecliptic and the Zodiac Wheel,” dive into the constellations of the zodiac and their fascinating stories. And as night falls, you can explore the fascinating history of timekeeping in “Telling Time over Time – the History of Time Telling,” followed by a journey that scales the Solar System, putting the vastness of the cosmos in perspective.

Our Celestial Show comes alive at night as an immersive journey through the planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. Count the bands on Jupiter, the craters on the moon or the spots on the Sun through our state-of-the-art telescopes. Take a selfie with the stars! You’ll also have the opportunity to delve into the basics of astrophotography, turning your night into an unforgettable photographic adventure. And throughout the event, don’t miss the chance to learn from our expert StarGuides and deepen your understanding of the cosmos.

Join us and embark on an inspiring journey to create stellar images that will mesmerize you and your audience for years to come. This isn’t just about observing the stars; it’s about immersing yourself in them.

Starscapes is happy to organise one exclusively for you / or do follow us to join the next time we have one. Contact us at +9196673 07015 or register here for your interest