Terms & Conditions

1. The event is organized by Starscapes Experiences Private Limited. No other party is involved in the organizing of the event.
2. Starscapes takes the responsibility of conducting the event. This includes:
a. Arranging space for the sessions
b. Tools used for instructions
c. Travel to different sites during the workshop sessions, whether for instructions, for shooting, or for processing
d. Refreshments during the session
e. Specialized mounts needed for photography
3. The following are NOT included:
a. Travel to and from the workshop venue
b. Food or Accommodation
c. Cameras, tripods, remote controllers, or batteries
d. Travel around the location, beyond the itinerary of the workshop
4. Recommendations for travel and stay will be provided after booking
5. All raw and processed images will be the property of Starscapes Experiences Private Limited. As such, the data will remain with the company for its use as it chooses. However, each participant will also get their own raw and processed images.
6. Currently the weather forecast is of clear skies. But in case the weather is not favourable, sessions will be conducted only on image processing, with archived raw images.
7. Once booked, there will be no cancellations entertained, and no refunds under any condition.
8. All equipment brought by the participant will be their responsibility. Starscapes will not be liable for any theft, water damage, or physical damage of any kind that happens to the equipment.


1. How many days is the event?
a. The Workshop starts at 4:00pm on 29th April 2022, and continues till lunch on 1st May 2022. Detailed itinerary will be shared with you once the booking is done.
2. What do I need to bring to the event?
a. You need to carry your own equipment. This includes the camera, tripod, lenses, Bluetooth remote controller, a laptop with at least 8 gb RAM and Windows 10, spare batteries, spare memory cards for the camera, and spare external hard disks. None of these will be there to spare at the location.
3. How do I get there? And where will I stay?
a. Kausani is a tourist town, and as such is connected by road and has plenty of hotels. Upon booking, we’ll share optimal travel and accommodation plans for you. However, we do not book tickets or provide accommodation. They will be solely your responsibility.
4. What if I book a hotel far from the venue?
a. Travel to and from the venue is your responsibility.
5. I do not have any stacking or processing tools.
a. That doesn’t matter – we will help you get free online tools that will fulfil your requirement.
6. What if I am unable to make it after booking?
a. There will be no refunds for cancellations