Looking to read something Out-Of-This-World?

Looking to read something Out-Of-This-World?

Looking to read something Out-Of-This-World?

There’s a popular saying that a book lets you voyage through space and time without ever moving your feet. That’s the wonderful thing about books, there’s no limit to what you can imagine. Whether you like encyclopedias, non-fiction or sci-fi as a genre, there’s something on the bookshelf for all kinds of astrophiles.

So without further ado, let’s get dive into the recommendations.

The Beginning and the End of Everything: From the Big Bang to the End of the Universe

By: Paul Parsons, 2018
Genre: Non-Fiction


A brilliantly written outline of the past, present and future of modern cosmology, this book is a delightful read. The Beginning and the End of Everything is the entire story, starting from when there was nothing, to the birth of our universe, to what might be its ultimate fate. Paul Parsons takes us on an exhilarating voyage through billions of light-years and tells the story of the Big Bang, the beginning, the middle, and the end. Parsons proves once again that books are not only great for escaping reality and exploring an imaginary world but they are also a wonderful source of learning.


The Secret World of Stargazing: Find Solace in the Stars

By: Adrian West, 2021
Genre: Non-Fiction

A beautiful book by Adrian West that talks about the impact of stargazing on human wellbeing. The book goes into explaining why stargazing is good for us, both physically and mentally. This is a particularly good read for those who are just finding their feet in astronomy and stargazing. The book covers basics like clothes, accessories, types of equipment, etc. and also delves deeper into specifics about various celestial objects and the right way to observe them. You’ll find yourself pondering over it long after you’ve finished reading the book. It’s simply an enchanting reading experience.

Brief Answers To The Big Questions

By: Stephen Hawking, 2018
Genre: Non-Fiction

If you often find yourself worrying about the future of humanity, Stephen Hawking’s posthumous book Brief Answers to the Big Questions is the one you want to read. It is a deep and engaging book that talks about big questions like “How did it all begin? Is there other intelligent life in the Universe? Is time travel a prospect” In his final book, he gives answers as short as one word along with his own perspective and divergences on each topic. If you are a fan of Stephen Hawking you must furnish your bookshelf with this masterpiece.

The last two books are special recommendations by our founders Paul Savio and Ramashish Ray. If it comes down to choosing which books to pick first, we’d recommend starting with these two.

Recommendation by Paul


By: Carl Sagan, 1985
Genre: Science Fiction

Contact, by Carl Sagan, is a gripping sci-fi novel with the overriding theme of extraterrestrial contact. This highly regarded novel by Sagan was later adapted for the screen, just a year after Sagan died in 1996.’

This novel brought the science and maths of astronomy to mainstream literature. It’s a story about an Astronomer, Ellie Arroway, who detects a signal from a nearby planet, which she believes is sent from an intelligent civilization. It turns out that the message is more intricate than she thought. Throughout the story, Sagan interweaves complex scientific principles with fiction, and through the twist and turns in his story, he poses philosophical questions like the meaning of religion and spirituality, humanity, and social consciousness.

Recommendation by Ramashish

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

By: Douglas Adams, 1979
Genre: Science Fiction

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the first book in the highly popular comic sci-fi series. The novel follows the journey of an ordinary Englishman, Arthur Dent, who finds himself amidst a series of random and absurd events. If you’re all about intricate plots with cross-planet drama, human-alien dynamics, and surreal humour, you will truly enjoy this absurd comedy series. Once you start with this one, you will definitely reach for its sequels.

Well, those were our top picks for now. Watch out for more such recommendations. Hope you find these books worth a glance, we can assure you that none of them will disappoint you!

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