Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Nakshatra Sabha at Jageshwar this October!

    Join us under the pristine skies of Uttarakhand for Nakshatra Sabha, a celestial journey hosted by Starscapes in collaboration with the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board. After a successful first event in Mussoorie, our next event is set against the scenic backdrop of Jageshwar from October 4th to 6th. Ready your senses for a blend of astronomical science and breathtaking nature, all during an awesome extended weekend this fall.

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    Getting There:

    Jageshwar is easily accessible from major cities such as Delhi and Dehradun. From Delhi, you can drive or take a train to Kathgodam, followed by a scenic drive to Jageshwar. From Dehradun, enjoy a beautiful drive through the mountains, immersing you in the landscape before you even arrive at the event.

    Weather Conditions:

    October in Jageshwar is magical, with clear skies following the monsoon season, offering perfect conditions for astronomical observations and comfortable evenings.


    Unique Offerings:

    Astrophotography with Monuments

    Experience the mesmerizing combination of ancient architecture and celestial events with our "Astrophotography with Monuments" sessions. Nestled in the sacred site of Jageshwar, known for its cluster of over a hundred temples dating from the 7th to 11th century, this focus area offers a unique opportunity to capture the ethereal beauty of the night sky framed by these historic structures. Under expert guidance, you'll learn techniques to photograph the Milky Way, star trails, and other astronomical phenomena, using the ornately carved stone temples as a dramatic foreground. These sessions not only enhance your photography skills but also immortalize the poignant blend of human heritage and the natural universe. Ideal for both novice photographers eager to learn and seasoned professionals looking to add breathtaking images to their portfolios, these workshops provide all the necessary tools and tips for capturing the cosmos.

    Temple Architecture and Astronomy

    Delve into the fascinating world of "Temple Architecture and Astronomy" at Nakshatra Sabha. This unique exploration focuses on how the ancient builders of Jageshwar utilized astronomical knowledge to design and orient their sacred structures. Participants will engage with scholars and experts who discuss the architectural alignments with celestial bodies, the significance of these alignments in timing religious festivals, and how shadows cast by the sun and moon were used to mark seasonal changes. On-site tours provide a practical perspective, where you can see firsthand the solstitial and equinoctial alignments, and understand the sky as the ancients did. This educational journey is not just about appreciating architectural beauty but also understanding the deep, intertwined relationship between the cosmos and spiritual practices in Uttarakhand. It's an enlightening experience that bridges the gap between the celestial and the terrestrial, appealing to anyone interested in history, architecture, or astronomy.

    Historical Celestial Alignments Exploration

    Dive into the fascinating world where history and astronomy intersect. This focus area explores how ancient civilizations in the Uttarakhand region used celestial events to plan and construct their sacred temples and structures. Participants will learn about the astronomical significance behind architectural orientations and how these alignments were used for calendrical and ritualistic purposes. This educational journey is complemented by on-site visits to temples where specific celestial alignments can be observed directly, offering a hands-on historical and astronomical experience.

    Eco-Astronomy Trails

    Embark on guided eco-astronomy trails where the natural ecosystem and celestial observations blend into a harmonious experience. These trails are designed to showcase the unique flora and fauna of Uttarakhand during the day, while the night offers spectacular stargazing opportunities. Learn about how local wildlife adapts to the lunar cycle and other astronomical phenomena. This dual-focus on ecology and astronomy provides a comprehensive understanding of the natural world, both seen and unseen, enriching the overall experience of participants.


    ₹999: Day pass for attending the events (excludes accommodation and meals).

    ₹7000: Package for one, including all camping amenities.

    ₹9,999: Package for two, including all camping amenities. Children sharing tent who are between 6 - 12 yrs of age will be charged at 50% or Rs 5000 /-. All those above 12 will be at full charge. Tents are designed to be for a couple with a small child and any more in a family or group should book and plan for an extra tent.

    Reserve your spot under the stars for an unforgettable exploration of the skies and the rich cultural tapestry of Uttarakhand. This October make the most of an extended weekend ; let the stars guide you to Nakshatra Sabha, where the universe unfolds its mysteries. Register now and secure your place in this celestial congregation!

    Do's and Don'ts for Environmental Sustainability



    No Alcohol and Substances Policy

    Nakshatra Sabha is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees. In alignment with this commitment, the following policies are in place:

    Our aim is to facilitate a serene and educational experience that respects both the environment and the local customs of Uttarakhand.

    Health and Safety Policy

    At Nakshatra Sabha, we prioritize the health and safety of all participants. To ensure a secure and enjoyable experience, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    By respecting these guidelines, each participant contributes to the safety and success of Nakshatra Sabha, ensuring a pleasant and enriching experience for all. We look forward to exploring the stars safely together!